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“Architects Favor Screw-Driven Lifts for 3 Key Reasons”

By |2024-02-06T13:24:21+08:00February 6th, 2024|Uncategorized|

It's widely acknowledged that once architects integrate screw-driven lifts into residential projects, they seldom revert to alternative technologies. But what sets screw-drive lifts apart from hydraulic and traction options, consistently positioning them as the preferred choice? Below, we delve into the three primary reasons often cited: Optimal Space Utilization:

“Optimal Locations for Home Lift Installation”

By |2023-09-04T12:06:38+08:00September 1st, 2023|Uncategorized|

Have you ever wondered where the ideal place to install a home lift might be? We frequently collaborate with architects, builders, and designers, but all too often, we are brought into the process late, trying to retrofit the perfect lift solution into an already designed plan. However, when we are engaged early, the real

Can Lift Doors Open on Different Sides?

By |2023-06-22T14:52:21+08:00June 22nd, 2023|Uncategorized|

When it comes to planning lifts in houses or tight spaces, this question frequently pops up! Clients may have space on one side on the first floor, which then becomes a wall on the second floor. The ability to open doors on multiple sides is therefore essential in order to maximize space and customer

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